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Anyone can build a computer, but not everyone can build a computer with the needs of Musicians' in mind. MusicXPC is dedicated to building high performance yet cost effective systems for producing professional music.

All the Power You'll Need to Create Hot Tracks

Thousands of Music XPC’s have been sold over the past 10 years, so we have had a lot of time to continually tweak and improve our performance results.

Every consideration has been made to choose the right components for Music and Audio, so that our machines run cool and quiet on the outside, yet hot and fast on the inside. From zero noise solid state drives perfected for recording to our top quality power supplies to our highly efficient, fans,venting and padding and to our rock solid chassis, Music XPC’s deliver exactly what you need.

Music Production Computers for Any Budget

Musc XPCs is designed for every budget and recording or performance situation. Chassis come in ultra sleek desktop, compact laptop or rackmount versions. All our machines use Intel Core Processors and have Windows 7 installed.


Tested to the Limit

Only MusicXPC Computers are optimized to squeeze every
ounce out your computer’s horsepower  to deliver warp drive speeds
needed to take full advantage  of your virtual instruments, Digital Audio
Workstations and Plug-ins. Our Test results prove it.

Create, produce and record at blazing speeds!

All our MusicXPC's include: